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Dynamic Website Development

Websites are divided into two categories: static websites and dynamic websites. Their main difference is that the dynamic websites have a content management program (CMS: Content Management System) so you can easily manage the content of your website (sections, photos, texts, etc.). At static web pages for any change/addition/removal of content it is necessary to contact the company that supports the website your.

Some useful information about static websites

  • The cost and time to implement a static website is usually less than the cost and time of implementing a dynamic website, as content management application development is not included.
  • Static website is usually used for website with small content (up to 15 pages) that do not need to be refreshed frequently.
  • A static website is usually the first step of investing on the internet of a company that is wary of the medium.

The advantages of dynamic websites

  • The management (modification, addition and removal) of its content dynamic website is done in real time, without mediation of the company that supports the website.
  • The operator does not need to have programming knowledge. - The possibility easy development of unlimited content that helps good ranking (ranking) of your website or e-shop in search engines.
  • Access to the content management program (WCMS: Web Content Management System) from multiple points (any computer with a connection on the Internet).

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